One minute you look up, and the price of BTC is surging, and the next minute, it scales back. The day to day is only half the battle. It’s one thing to hold Bitcoin expecting what is now worth nearly $10k to be worth $100k one day. Holding or hodling is the easy part. But if you want bigger profits, trading BTC and other crypto might just do it for you.

There is, however, a major difference between facilitating your own trading moves and using a bot to help you. Crypto blockchains are built on algorithms. Investors have long used automated software algorithms to help them when it comes to the stock market and Forex. Why not used a BTC trading bot?

No market is more volatile than the crypto market, and that has to do with a variety of factors. What presents more risk possibly presents a much greater reward, too. There is certainly money to be made, but you have to end up on the right side of the sell. Could a BTC trading bot help you do that?

One of the advantages of using one of these bots is the best companies allow you to give them a test drive. You can use a free account to simulate the experience. If you make $10k, you’re going to wish you had used real money, but all things considered, giving one a test drive is a great idea. In essence, you get to try it out in a safe zone, without any real losses involved.

They usually don’t have huge minimums either, meaning you can get involved without investing a substantial amount of capital. Yet you do need to be aware that you want to have enough capital and a big enough plan in place for enough profitable trades to be made to make the price of the bot worthwhile. You will see more of what I mean when you start looking at what’s available to you.

Additionally, you need to be familiar with your part of the process when it comes to providing input. you can download the bot here Yes the bot trades on your behalf, but you get to set your trading preferences. That’s actually a major advantage, but it does mean that you are going to be at least a little hands-on when it comes to what you’re doing with your portfolio.

Mostly, you’re going to be monitoring and setting preferences, letting the bot do its thing. The more you know about crytpo, the easier it is for you to select the assets you want to be traded. You’re not going to limit yourself to BTC are you? A day trader on the stock market certainly doesn’t limit himself to one particular security.

It could be that today, the bot picks up a signal for Texos XTZ, and initiates a trade for you, while BTC is picked up tomorrow. It could be that the bot has three or four profitable trades making money for you all at once. You’re not going to know unless you give it a try. You’re going to be able to tell an awful lot just by taking that test drive.

Another advantage to using a BTC trading bot is that it never sleeps. You on the other hand have to sleep at some point. And you already know the crypto market never sleeps. That bot of yours could be making more moeny for you while you’re sleeping. Isn’t that nice!

BTC bots are also extremely efficient, using algorithms to pick up trading signals. You can’t possibly match what they can do, even using your own automated software. The bots are programs designed to do such a thing, and they definitely have a track record.

You’re going to win some, and you’re going to lose some. That’s a fact to be sure. But all things considered, could a bot trading for you result in bigger gains? If you have previous trading experience, you already know what you can do. Give one of these bots a test drive with a free account, and then you can make comparisons. The results will be in real time, and then you can decide what you want to do with your investment capital. Does the bot win?

This is where the misconception theory of bitcoin starts and ends. we had a lot of situations where users tried a lot of trading bots with no success. i’m going to post a new post about the most successful trading bot the history. wait for it